RESEARCH CONSULTING Unlock rigorous research and evaluation services to enhance development innovation for marginalised populations. We specialise in helping organisations to understand how traders access and use transformative technologies. Discover where and how innovation is happening, which actors are leading the charge, and how stakeholders can seize this potential to create sustainable impact.

Our Research Expertise

We help development organisations to create and use evidence across the project lifecycle to accelerate transformative change in hard-to-reach communities.

Primary Research with Hard-to-Reach Populations

Mixed-methods and participatory studies to engage marginalised groups, particularly individuals and businesses engaged in trade.

Mobile Data Collection

Data collection with unrivalled reach enabled by SMS, USSD, and WhatsApp technologies.

Monitoring & Results Measurement

Rigorous monitoring and results measurement tools and systems to support programme delivery.

Stakeholder Analysis & Mapping

Comprehensive approaches to understanding relationships among business, government, and civil society actors.

Context Analysis

Gender-sensitive assessment tools for identifying opportunities to create local and systems-level change.

Evidence Frameworks

Robust evidence-based approaches for innovation monitoring, evaluation, and learning.

How we work

We leverage rigorous methods and robust data collection tools to uncover new ways to support innovation.




Detailed scoping to understand objectives and tailor approaches

We apply expertise in rigorous research and evaluation methods to help organisations uncover better ways to use evidence. Our work can help you:

  • Understand which innovations  work, why, where, and for whom.
  • Design more inclusive and sustainable products/services for hard-to-reach communities.

Mobile data collection and analysis

We use mobile technologies to remotely collect real-time data (via SMS, USSD, and WhatsApp) with unprecedented precision and scale. 

Drawing from practical experience as a leading innovator in East Africa, we also understand how to engage hard-to-reach populations to generate useful insights and analysis.

Actionable recommendations for innovators

We collaborate with project teams to ensure research deliverables are useful for innovation practitioners. 

Whether your aims are to improve innovation design, engage stakeholders or create buy-in within your organisation, we can help you to translate knowledge into practice.

Featured case studies

Analysis Report on Trends And Patterns in Resilience and Innovation by Informal Cross Border Traders in East Africa: Case Study of Youth and Female-Owned Businesses Before & Post-Covid-19
Market Monitoring and Predictive Modelling Information Platforms

Partner with Sauti East Africa

We deliver transformative information technologies and insights to enhance inclusive trade initiatives.