SAUTI TRADE INSIGHTS Discover data-driven insights for East African Trade on Sauti Trade Insights. On our interactive dashboard you can explore crowdsourced data from Kenyan, Ugandan, Rwandan, and Tanzanian cross-border traders to support your research, solution designs, and more.

Know East Africa's Cross-border Traders

Leverage behavioural data from multiple mobile-based trade and market information services on both sides of the borders between Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania. Our networked data pool is a rich resource for understanding the cross-border trade environment:

  • What are cross-border traders’ dominant value-chains?
  • How does trade behaviour differ across gender, age and/or education level?
  • How do cross-border trade patterns change over time?
  • Which currencies do cross-border traders’ exchange?

Demographic, market, and trade insights for East Africa's cross-border traders

Cross-border trade is notoriously difficult to sample by traditional methods. We provide near-realtime crowdsourced data to enrich analyst's understanding of East Africa's cross-border trade environment.

Evidence-based insights with unprecedented granular data

Realtime innovative data from Sauti's systems-based sampling approaches

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Trends And Patterns in Resilience and Innovation by Informal Cross Border Traders in East Africa: Case Study of Youth and Female-Owned Businesses Before & Post-Covid-19

Empowering cross-border traders with market systems data

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