Introducing Sauti Trade Insights – Data From 60,000+ East African Traders

Up-to-date and representative data on East Africa’s domestic and cross-border traders is difficult to find. Sauti’s new Trade Insights data portal crowdsources data on East Africa’s traders at an unprecedented scale to help researchers, practitioners, and policy makers improve their intervention targeting, program reach, and solution design.


We leverage innovative crowd-sourced data from multiple mobile-based trade and market information services to provide datasets with unprecedented scale and granularity. Our data allows you to generate insights based on targeted demographics such as youth, women, or farmers. Our commodities datasets also lets analysts isolate trade behaviour based on specific value-chains like maize, beans, and sorghum.


With 21 trade-related datasets populated with data from up to 60,000+ domestic and cross-border traders, Sauti Trade Insights is the most comprehensive trader-related dataset ever produced. Each dataset can be used to filter the others, enabling extremely targeted drill-downs to get the representative data you need. Our data can aid in common trade facilitation questions, such as “what commodities are traded by women traders?” or “how does age affect traders’ relevant business information?”.


  • Age
  • Border crossing frequency
  • Border crossing location
  • Country of residence
  • Education level
  • Gender
  • Grow / produce their own products
  • Preferred language
  • Primary occupation
  • Smartphone access


  • Traded commodity categories
  • Traded commodities
  • Traders’ destination country
  • Traders’ destination market
  • Currency exchanges


  • Relevant business information
  • Relevant information, by agency
  • Relevant trade documents
  • Relevant trade procedures, by commodity
  • Relevant trade procedures, by commodity category
  • Relevant trade procedures, by destination country

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