COVID-19 Rapid Response Project in Uganda

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the food ecosystems through negative impacts on food supply and demand driven by economic factors like decrease in purchasing power and a lower capacity to produce and distribute food. Within the smallholder supply chain, there is a rising need to provide buyers with confidence that the supply chains are robust in terms of COVID-19 prevention measures. 

Sauti and TruTrade together with medical experts Response-Med have developed and disseminated customized COVID-19 awareness and prevention materials including short animated clips and radio ads, specific to the agriculture supply chain actors in Uganda through Sauti and TruTrade digital platforms. The information promotes safer supply chains in the midst of the pandemic and covers topic areas such as: COVID-19 surface to person transmission touch points that exist when handling goods and dealing with customers, how to minimise transmission of COVID-19, person to person transmission, hygiene and sanitation information, correct use of PPE and new rules and regulations that may inhibit trade at borders (KE and UG)

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