Presentation to Sustainable Inclusive Aid for Trade Symposium 2019, Nairobi

On Sept 19 2019, the CTO of Sauti, Lance Hadley presented research titled Innovating Past Data Collection Obstacles for East Africa’s Women Cross-Border Traders: Evidence from Sauti East Africa to the Sustainable Inclusive Aid for Trade Symposium in Nairobi.

The research proposes an experimental survey methodology for hidden populations, such as cross-border traders (CBTs) in East Africa. Recognizing the empowering role of cross-border trade for women in East Africa, interventions that reduce gendered barriers to small-scale trade are increasingly sought-after by policy-makers and development practitioners. Yet, collecting data that reliably maps the behaviour of difficult to sample populations, such as women CBTs, has typically proven to be a challenging exercise for researchers, policy-makers, and solution designers. We employ Sauti’s platform’s user interaction data to analyze how CBTs prioritize different types of business information and the demographic effects on business information needs.

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