Sauti joins the Council of Governors in Western Kenya for outreach activities

The Council of Governors are the backbone of county governments in Kenya as they provide a central platform for consultation, information sharing between counties, capacity building, inter-county performance management and dispute resolutions. Council of Governors also offer a collective voice on policy issues at the county level.

The Council of Governors invited Sauti to train women on the use of our mobile business information platform during a sensitization and capacity building workshop focused on the impact of COVID-19 on women’s socio-economic activities. The meeting was held in Vihiga county in the western part of Kenya, and social distancing measures were observed throughout!

The Council of governors intends to carry out the sensitization and capacity building workshops in all 47 counties in Kenya and the primary objective will be to provide technical assistance at the county level to enable women to access regional and local markets, and to develop their capacities and skills through training and knowledge-sharing.

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