Towards a Just(ice) Economy

East Africa has a huge informal private sector with the potential to stimulate economic and social development, which is staggered by an outdated, complex and corrupt legal and political framework. In this short documentary we zoom in on the justice needs of small (informal) business owners, because they are a driving force of economic growth, yet their needs are consistently overlooked and ignored. The growing spread of internet and mobile penetration may provide new avenues for these business owners to find information and solutions to their unanswered legal needs.

Young innovators, like Sauti Africa,  in the legal space are leveraging on East Africa’s fast paced environment to empower fellow business owners and relieve the justice needs of SMEs. Will the future look brighter if emerging economies like Uganda were to benefit from this new generation of visionary tech-driven justice leaders?

Produced and directed by Nathalie Dijkman,
co-produced by Daug Mulumba.

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